CEMIC, the Spanish acronym for Center for Medical Education and Clinical Research “Norberto Quirno”, is a private non-for-profit welfare university association.

CEMIC started to exist in 1958, as the innovative vision of Dr. Norberto Quirno and a group of committed disciples, who wanted to improve the Argentine medicine. Thanks to this vision, the institution has been in a leading position on the field of health.

For more than 50 years, the mission of CEMIC has focused on its early objectives: university teaching and research for the improvement of health care, in an environment of creative work, growth, attitude of surpassing oneself, and efficiency. Both CEMIC commitment with these objectives and its local and international acknowledgment have prompted the support from the society, companies, institutions and benefactors (*).

Back from the start of the organization, teaching has been one of CEMIC cornerstones, as daily evidenced by the work done at CEMIC University Institute (IUC) since 1997. The degrees granted by IUC are valid all over the country and are synonymous with medical excellence. Students not only acquire theoretical and practical knowledge necessary for the profession, but also learn to commit themselves to the patient and the community. Through the implementation of solid ethical principles, they learn to privilege respect for life.

All over the years, research has remained essential for training and for the update of health knowledge. Thus, the institution has committed to the support to and the training of researchers.

CEMIC has always been faithful to its basic premise to provide services to the community and to develop health care. Thus, the institution is committed to processes tending to preserve and improve the quality of life. This commitment is evidenced by the awards, acknowledgments and certifications obtained over the years.

A team of 2,000 people, including 800 health professionals specialized in different fields of medicine, are currently working to improve and preserve community’s health.

(*) who undoubtedly contributed to the materialization of founders’ vocation and ideas. Therefore, CEMIC is extremely grateful to them. If you wish to support the institution, please write to; or call 5299-0100, ext. 2914.