CEMIC attaches great importance to community action programs. The institution has always provided free health care services in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, on the outskirts and in the Argentine provinces, as part of its contribution to the community.

To date, one of the main health programs is carried out at “La Unión-CEMIC” health center. Health care services comprise prevention, health education, prevalent disease care, and community practices. A total of 7,200 medical consultations and 18,000 nursing practices were carried out over the last year.

“La Unión-CEMIC” health center was founded in March of 1989 in Barrio Aviación, a neighborhood in San Fernando district, as part of an agreement between the Municipality of San Fernando, “La Unión” private non-for-profit welfare association, and CEMIC.

From 1989 to date, residents from the Family Medicine Service, under close supervision of CEMIC health professionals, provide free health care to low-income families from this neighborhood. Dentistry and Obstetrics and Gynecology residents have recently joined this project.